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      The "Xiuzhou Model" of photovoltaic power generation is gradually improved

      Editor:浙江諸利安電器股份有限公司 │ Release Time:2020-03-31 

      On the afternoon of March 27th, the signing ceremony of the Artes Institute of Technology project was held in Xiuzhou National High-tech Zone. The project is an independent legal research institute invested and established by Canadian Solar Power Group, and is an important carrier of the Group's technology product strategy. Its landing will strongly promote Xiuzhou's photovoltaic industry to become bigger and stronger, and make "Xiuzhou Light" more brilliant.

      In recent years, as the only national high-tech zone in the city, Xiuzhou National High-tech Zone has adhered to the path of “innovation through application and development through innovation” to develop the photovoltaic industry. At the end of September 2019, the third batch of provincial-level characteristic towns was announced, and Xiuzhou Photovoltaic Town was successfully listed. This means that after three years of creation, Xiuzhou Photovoltaic Town has entered the province's characteristic towns to build the "first echelon", and it is also one of the first batch of high-end equipment manufacturing towns named in the province.

      Innovative R & D enterprises Xuke New Energy Co., Ltd., operation and maintenance enterprise Xinyao Energy Technology Co., Ltd., testing unit Jiaxing Jianheng Testing Center ... Today's Xiuzhou Photovoltaic Town, which covers R & D innovation, photovoltaic components, core equipment, Photovoltaic materials, photovoltaic power stations, Internet operation and maintenance, testing and certification and other aspects of the complete industrial chain, upstream and downstream linkages have formed a photovoltaic industry ecosystem.

      The sustainable development of the photovoltaic power generation business innovation "Xiuzhou Model" is gradually improved: the national "863" Xinjiashajiajia community rural cluster residential residential area 100-unit rooftop photovoltaic project, which can generate more than 200,000 kilowatt-hours per year; Langxinxin Yao-Alibaba's photovoltaic cloud platform has provided operation and maintenance services for more than 7,000 distributed photovoltaic power stations, more than 10,000 charging piles, and more than 12,000 new energy vehicles nationwide.

      Canadian Solar Power Group is the world's leading manufacturer of solar photovoltaic modules, a provider of integrated solar solutions and a developer of solar photovoltaic power stations. It has industry-leading research and development levels and a large number of invention patents. Previously, Zhejiang Artes New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Group, established Jiaxing Artes Sunshine Energy Technology Co., Ltd. in Xiuzhou National High-tech Zone. The total investment of the project is 2 billion yuan, and the registered capital is 300 million yuan. A 4.2GW high-efficiency crystalline silicon solar module production, new material, and residential integrated power generation system innovation center will be built, with a total land area of about 250 acres. After the project is put into production, it is estimated that the annual new sales income will exceed 7 billion yuan, the total annual profit will exceed 500 million yuan, and more than 2,000 new jobs will be created.

      "The first phase of the project started construction in October last year, and is expected to be completed in October this year and put into production in December. The second phase is scheduled to start construction in May next year." The relevant person in charge of Jiaxing Artes Sunshine Energy Technology Co., Ltd. stated that The Artes Institute of Technology signed the second contract will provide important technical support for the company, and the project implementation results will also guide the group's future development direction.

      It is understood that the total investment of Artes Institute of Technology is about 500 million yuan, the registered capital is 100 million yuan, and the investment in equipment and facilities is about 250 million yuan. The research institute will also become a new gathering place for high-level talents. Its R & D technical team will mainly be graduate students and above. It is expected that in 2021, it will gather more than 15 people with a master's degree or higher, including 5 or more doctoral degrees with overseas education. Or experience of 5 or more people.

      "At present, the photovoltaic industry in Xiuzhou District is in a stage of continuous and iterative technology updating. The signing of AT & S Technology Research Institute will gather more high-end talents, bring more advanced technologies, and effectively promote the further innovation and development of the photovoltaic industry in the region. Enhance the strength. "Said the person in charge of Xiuzhou National High-tech Zone.

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